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Photographer Uses Balloons To Express Her Deep Emotions

The vivid style of photography of Fares Micue takes a very artistic form as most of her photos lean into visual concepts which narrates a vivid story of her deeper emotions. This self-explanatory photography journey of hers has been colorful and eye-catching as she practices her own concepts to define the nature of her mind.

This photographer has quite an array of conceptual photoshoots under her belt. Butterflies, flora, foliage, and even origami are usually found elements in her conceptual photoshoots. But this series has a different sort of element. Fares use a set of balloons to place them as a structure beside herself to depict the mental state she wants to present in each photo.

Unlike flowers and foliage which have growth and structure, balloons are free and they levitate. So, they are perfect components in her photos to represent thoughts and emotions. This photographer explained to My Modern Met that the spherical shape of the balloon is another fact that is perfect for the reference of thoughts. They are round and it doesnt have any rigidness unlike other shapes. It is a universal pattern which is found in a lot of things in the world and the universe.

So, this is a very wise choice by this artistic photographer. The locations that these photos were taken too contribute to the emotion that this artist wishes to portray. You can see a set of balloons hovering over or in the level of her head, this will show you how the thoughts weigh on her head or how much her thoughts levitate above.

It is quite peotic how she expresses her emotions through the art of photography. We collected some of her work for you and listed them down below. You can also check out another collection of her work on our website here. Scroll down and let us know what you think about these photos in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Fares Micue | Instagram | Facebook


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