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Beautiful Ukrainian Fashion From The Past Is Appreciated Again In The Present

Fashion has been a wonderful element in many societies and we can clearly identify the societies with their time by certain fashion elements. Since fashion has a large impact in the world, it has become a mode of conversation as well.

Meet this Slavic Photography and styling workshop named “Treti Pivni” which has created a fashionable statement to the world. This was done by returning the traditional Ukrainian headdresses back into fashion. This floral fashion accessory was worn by the young women which symbolized the eligibility for marriage and also their purity. Although these are not worn in society anymore, this workshop created them and had their photoshoot to send a message to the world.

They send the message of their ‘pure’ and independent country which is subjected to the modern-day intervention by the Russian government. The political and the literally physical pressure that Ukrain faces is getting more serious every single day. This photoshoot was to remind the traditions and the roots of their nation so that they are constantly reminded that it is their land and they have their right to it.

As the Vogue Magazine was told; the concepts and fashion that were related to flowers are now internationally used to protest against the war. So, these artists too sent their own message by merging two internationally identified mediums; fashion and flowers with their own traditional taste.

With hopes of peace to the Ukrainians and also everybody in the world. Scroll down to check out the amazing pieces of fashion that these young people have created. Upvote your favorites to the top and comment down your ideas on it as well!

More info & Photo courtesy: Treti Pivni | Facebook


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