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Beauty Of A Magical Misty Forest Captured By A Camera Eye

Nature plays its magic in many ways that we cannot even think of. It uses the basic things that we see and know such as trees, light, and mist to create amazing scenes as if they are pulled out from a fantasy movie.

Meet this creative Italian photographer who is in love with the magic of Nature; Manuelo Bececco. He has been using his camera to document the art that the light plays in a misty forest and it is as amazing it could get. He is also a travel and wedding photographer professionally, but his love for Nature has led him to take up landscape photography as well. 

It is seen in his photography that his eye has caught some of the untouched beauty of Nature humans. We do not get to see much of these magical forests in this state in the present day. As the world keeps on with deforestation and urbanization on a massive scale, modern-day people do not connect with Nature as people were once before.

So Bececco documents these amazing views from the forest floor where he stands. You can see that most of his photos are gazing up at the canopy of the forest where light seeps through the cracks and opens to play amazing effects into the forest through the mist.

If you are someone who enjoys the magical beauty of Nature, his collection of photos might be pretty appealing to you. You can follow his website and his social media accounts to see more of his work which is quite amazing. The links will be mentioned below, you can follow them if you are interested.

We have listed a set of his pictures for you below. Check them out by scrolling down and please let us know what you think about these photos in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Manuelo Bececco | Facebook | Instagram


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