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32 Photos That Shows The Beauty Of The Amazing Baltic Sea

Just like every one of us, nature can have different moods as well. And when we talk about the elements of nature, the sea is a huge part of it. It contains a huge amount of marine plants and lifeforms that we have not even been able to make a count of. As a huge body of water that covers almost 72% of the planet, the sea definitely has different moods.

This is what this photographer, Michał Olech tried to capture through his lens. He observed and felt these emotions of the sea as he lived right next to it. The sea is a mesmerizing place no matter where you are in the world, you will feel relaxed and calm whenever you visit the sea and leave the beach as a new person.

Michal makes sure to get himself up before dawn so he can experience very beautiful sceneries in the Baltic sea. The colors, weather, and moods of the sea are something he likes to watch, observe and enjoy. While enjoying this amazing sight, he doesn’t forget to snap a few pictures on his camera to freeze those moments in time.

If you scroll down, you will find a collection of photos that will present the aforementioned emotions and moods of the sea that Michal sees. The strength in waves, the stillness, the chilling winters, and the blazing summers. These are some of the factors that exhibit the moods of the sea that this photographer has fallen in love it.

We collected some of his photos to show you the amazing sights of the Baltic sea that he gets to see every single day in his life! Let us know what you think about these photos and if you could also sense different moods in these pictures.

More info & Photo courtesy: Michal Olech


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