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Photographer Reveals What’s Behind Famous Destinations

The world is so vast and big that everywhere we go, it is different and unique. Tourism and traveling offer the chance to visit and experience all of these places, people, traditions, and experiences. Years and Years of traveling across the world, there are several famous tourist destinations that a huge number of people visit every single year.

If you pay enough attention, there is one thing that everyone does, as soon as they arrive at a tourist destination, no matter where they are in the world. Everybody pulls out their cameras and phones to take pictures of the place and of themselves. We have seen thousands and millions of photos of the same destination, taken by all sorts of visitors. This is something that caught the attention of photographer Oliver Curtis. And this awesome photographer was struck with an idea when he himself was visiting the Pyramids of Giza, one fine day in 2012.

He captured the view that his eyes saw, behind the pyramids, this was nothing he saw on any of the pictures that were online. So, at this moment, the idea to create his photo series; ‘Volte-Faces’ came into his mind. Afterward, he captured pictures of what is behind some of the world-famous tourist destinations in the world.

This is a very uncommon, yet interesting photo series that you will find on the internet. So, we decided to gather a set of photos and list them below this article for you. Scroll down to find out what is behind these tourist destinations.

Visit, the official website of Curtis which is mentioned below and his social media to check out more awesome photos. Meanwhile, you can upvote your favorite destination in the list below. Do not forget to leave your thoughts about these pictures in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Oliver Curtis | Twitter


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