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Blackout & Floral Tattoos Combine To Create Awesome Coverups

Art has very less amount of rules and regulations. It is an expression of thoughts, emotions, and life itself. So, a creative artist does not fear crossing the line to explore things that are not usually tried. By doing such exploration and testing, artists have been able to create some of the most amazing artwork.

In this article, we bring a different style of tattooing to you. This artist; Esther Garcia, has created a unique style by combining two different types of tattoo styles together. This Chicago-based tattoo artist has more than 20 years of experience in tattooing, artists with such experience do not doubt their skill when trying something new. Combining ‘floral’ and ‘blackout’ styles in tattooing, she has created a very aesthetic form of tattoos that are perfect for coverups.

Blackout tattoos cover up your skin in huge areas of solid black ink. Creating its patterns by leaving open skin (negative are), they have no other forms of art created by the ink itself. But Esther approached this task from a different angle. Being in this game for over two decades, she had no difficulty in forming this awesome style.

She uses solid black as a ‘background’ on the skin, while the floral art is right in the middle. This creates contrast and a lot of highlighting to the floral design than laying it on bare skin. So, this combined style acts as the perfect coverup mechanism if you have a bunch of tattoos in specific areas that you need to cover up.

Esther creates many more types of awesome tattoos at work. Please follow the links to her social media accounts to be updated. Scroll down to check out this new style of tattooing that Esther creates at her tattoo parlor. Share your ideas with us about these tattoos in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Esther Garcia | Instagram


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