Bodies Of The World Famous Easter Island Heads Revealed

The world famous Easter Island is very popular for its statues on the volcanic Island. It is a truly amazing sights to see the whole field of around 1000 ‘Monoliths’ laid out. Recently, the a research team at UCLA launched an expedition to unveil a detail that was hidden from the world, there are more to the Easter Island monoliths than their heads. The team exposed the rest of the statues by digging them up.

With an atmosphere of mystery, the Easter Island monoliths were surrounded with many conspiracies and legends. They weight over 80 tons and stand tall around 30 feet in height, they and the island itself got its name ‘Easter’ since the Dutch explorer Roggeveen found on the Easter day of the year 1722. Now, the team at UCLA has revealed around 150 of these statues for further studies. Check out the collection of pictures of the project below and share your thoughts with us!

More info & Photo courtesy: CNNEaster Island Statue Project







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