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Brain Analysis To Determine What People Want To Look Like

As people, we are never happy and content with ourselves. That can be seen as human nature or a flaw. Every one of us is not perfect humans, we are different and we have different abilities and weaknesses in ourselves, even our appearances are not the same.

So, being up to the standards that our minds pursue of ourselves is a very hard thing to do. Even if they are minor differences or expectations, it might not what you have on yourself at the time. This idea is fancied by Scott Chasserot, a photographer who tried to get a scientific approach to this question in his photo series and project Original Ideal

This project was done by having the models that he photographed, without any jewelry or make-up. These portraits are then modified according to the wishes of the models on how they wish they would look like. Since people love themselves despite the small adjustments they want to make, the ideal look of themselves is not very different from their original portraits.

But you might wonder how did the photographer manage to study and fix such minor details that the subject wanted as exactly they said. This project has the support of modern-day science technology. The subjects were taken to get an EEG test from which the photographer can determine the changes they want through brain scans. Most of these alterations included symmetrical eyes, straight noses, higher cheekbones, and such.

This set of pictures are wonderful and amazing at the same time since that science is so developed that you can actually study miniature details by reading brain scans. Photography, science, and technology are pushing on forward every single day and this is its proof. Scroll down to check this set of pictures out and share your thoughts with us.

More info & Photo courtesy: Original Ideal | Scott Chasserot


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