Bring Your Kitchen Over To The Dark Side With These Utensils

Every kitchen in every house is a special place, that is where all the yummies are made with love. Over the time, there have been new innovations, cooking methods and also themes introduced into the kitchens. This all have contributed the kitchen to be a more enjoyable place to be and to cook in, specially when it is home.

Over the time equipment and utensils were produced in a way that they are not just utensil, but a favourite items that are personalized. This made cooking even more enjoyable. So, this is a story about such a production. Behold the darkness!!!

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#1. The Gracula Garlic Twist!


This is a very special item produced by OTOTO to add a bit of spookiness into the kitchen. Dracula finally meets his match; Garlic. This is a cute little garlic twister made in the shape of the caped vampire with all its attributes, the cape, the hair and even his fangs. This easy garlic twister makes your garlic twisting a very fun thing to do.











#7. The Bat-Wine opener!


This is yet another creative production, ‘VINO CORKSCREW AND WINE OPENER’ is also produced by OTOTO. Which will perfectly match with the Gracula Garlic Twister. Pour a bit of mystique into your glass this evening and Dracula won’t be the only person who will feast on red liquid! The creative corkscrew will had an exceptional theme to your evening and also makes it fun and interesting for you to use it as well! Comment what you think about these products below in the comments section!








Written by Alex Bradley

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