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69 Edited Photos Of Bushes In The Memory Of This Man’s Cat

Every pet lover knows how much they love their pets and how much their pets would mean to them. But unfortunately, our pets do not live long as humans do. At some period of time, they will leave us eventually. Grief is beyond explanation and they will always be in our memory.

It this the same with Richard Saunders, he is a 75 year old man who has taken the attention on the internet for the wonderful art that he created in memory of his pet; Tolly, a cat who left him around 5 years ago now. He has created a series of photos using Photoshop to do some photo manipulations and create cat-shaped bushes in some pictures that he has taken before.

By profession, Richard was a surrealistic painter and he has been working as a Creative Director around 20 years back when he was introduced to photoshop. Even before his loving pet died in 2016, he has been creating these incredible edits by himself, but after the passing away, he stopped everything for a while. But the online community who were following his social media accounts made him gather the courage to start his work again.

Now, he has turned his love for his late pet to fuel his creativity. His manipulated photo series; “Topiary Cat” is not turned into a huge franchise. He now creates puzzles, customized art, and he has also created a book that is about Tolly! Recently, Richard introduced another new character into his series; Georgi and this is A Russian Blue. Now, Richard’s late pet is not alone, even in his illustrations.

This shows an amazing amount of love and dedication for his pet by Richard. Every pet lover can relate to the love between a pet and its owner. But this man has made a lot in his life about Tolly, even after his pet passed away. We collected some pictures of his talented work from the internet for you. Scroll down to have a look. Make sure to visit his website and check out his latest stuff! You are very welcome to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below!

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