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Cakes That Look Like Actual Paradise

Cooking is a very delicate and a versatile form of at that has a very close relationship with human civilization for a very long time. People try out different types of dishes and different styles of cooking. Baking, is one of the most popular types of cooking that prevails in the world of cooking and here is a very creative form of it practiced by a bakery.

This bakery is  Dolnyk Bakery which is based in Ukraine. It gained a lot of attention on social media for its creative cakes. Cakes are of course a very pretty product that everybody has their own approach, specially in preparing its appearance. Its owner Kristina Dolnyk makes these cakes by herself which are inspired by aquatic life and tropical islands.

Another bakery which produces very realistic paradise looking cakes is  Paladarte Bakery located in El Salvador where its founder Jessica creates these wonderful cakes. These realistic cakes went viral on social media for their realistic look with their pleasing colors. Both of these bakers use a jelly based topping for their cakes to create a realistic look and texture other than fondant and other topping material. Follow these links below to check out their amazing work and comment down your thoughts about these cakes down in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Paladarte Bakery | Dolnyk Bakery


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