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These 50 People Took Their Carpentry Skill To A New Level

Arts and crafts are practiced by a lot of people in any form than you can imagine. Most of the mainstream art forms are delicate and for the people who want to get their ‘ hands-on’ experience, we got a classic hobby for you.

Carpentry is one of the old forms of craft that is being practiced by people. Although you can get into very sensitive detail and also on a tiny scale, you get to do some hard work as well. If you are a person who gets things done from the scratch, this is a very interesting hobby. From chopping up the wood to grinding, carving, sawing and every other work you can do on wood gets your hands busy. And rather than creating something which is only artistic, you can create something that will actually be used while it looks gorgeous.

Just like how the internet discusses any and everything out there, carpentry is being discussed as well. r/Woodworking on Reddit is one exciting place if you are in love with carpentry. Counting more than 3.5 million members on this subreddit, you will regularly see new posts being shared. Here, people share their work, stories, exchange tips, and skills.

You will get to see people trying out new things or people trying out carpentry for the first time. This is a wonderful space to spectate the wonders of this craft as well as to pick up amazing tips and tricks from real-life situations.

When you scroll through this subreddit, it is so satisfying to see this work being done by individuals. Doing something by one’s self and finishing it gives you satisfaction more than buying it even if you can afford it.

Therefore, we thought of sharing some of that awesome work with you. We listed down a cool set of photos of carpentry stories, posted by the members of r/Woodworking. You can scroll down to check them out and upvote your favorites to the top of this list. Do not forget to share your thoughts about these posts in the comments sections below as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: r/Woodworking


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