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  • Some Majestic Castles Around The World That You Should See

    Architecture is a wonderful form of art that has been created by people. It is created through the rules and laws of engineering while finishing off with an aesthetic appearance. That being the case, some of the most loved and amazing historic creations are castles. From the medieval ages and […] More

  • 24 Renovation Fails That Ruined The Look Of Buildings

    Buildings are man-made structures that obviously come with an expiration date. It depends on the materials used, the external factors that the building is exposed to, and so on. And when it comes close to the expiration date it is usually demolished to build a new structure or renovate them […] More

  • 49 Tattoos That Presents Architecture On Skin Creatively

    Since the beginning of human civilization, we have been builders. The art of building architectural structures has been developed to an amazing level when it comes to the modern-day. As much as we appreciate the beauty of flowers, animals, dancing, music, and every other thing, architecture is too a form […] More

  • These Interior Designs Are Just Awfully Funny

    Architecture is an art that can be used beautifully when something is being made. Especially when people build their homes, they tend to get creative. The problem is that sometimes, people get carried away and try things that are unrealistic or they forget what they have to work with. When […] More

  • Amazing Collection Of Urban Photos From All Over The World

    As much as we admire the natural beauty of things. There is a very common and very large thing in our lives that we forget to admire. SImply, those are man-made structures. We have cities and towns built all over the world, and they are very interesting and pleasing if […] More

  • These Amazing Photos Will Reveal You How The World Has Changed

    The world has evolved a lot throughout the course of time. People, fashion, trends, architecture, and a lot of things like that have changed a lot. When looking back at the past, things will amaze you. But how do you do that? The technologies such as videography and photography have […] More

  • These Cabins Look Magical In The Woods

    Have you dreamed of escaping your busy life and go rest in a wooden cabin deep in the woods in peace where no one would find you? Most of us like the idea of escaping our monotonous lifestyle and connect with Nature.  Even though the pandemic that challenged the world’s […] More

  • Famous Architects Share Quotes To Make Your Life Better

    Life is such a wonderful and diverse journey. People take different paths and avenues on the journey of their lives. So, the people who are successful in their journey are idolized and they now teach others in choosing and carrying on with each other’s journey. Successful people are often interviewed. […] More

  • Drone's Eye Capture The Majestic Beauty Of Prague

    Prague is one of the most elegantly beautiful cities in the world. Its architecture has made it such a majestic place with all the classic and vintage things still remains in the town. Among these vintage and antique things are things that are world famous such as the world’s oldest […] More

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