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  • Check Out Some Of The Amazing Wood Work People Have Made

    Wood has been a very common and general substance since the beginning of human history as a civilization. It was used to build shelter, it was also taken as fuel to light fires, to make and use as tools, and many more. Even in the modern-day, when humans have discovered […] More

  • This Book Lover Creates Imaginary Worlds Using Her Books

    People say that books transform us into imaginary worlds where any and everything is possible. And any book reader or a book lover knows that this is absolutely true. We cannot see the world that the books create inside every person’s imagination, but one book lover tried to express the […] More

  • You Will Love These Psychedelic Animal Tattoos On Skin

    Tattoos are interesting designs made permanently on the skin as an art of fashion. This has come to a publicly accepted stage in society from an underground status a few decades back. With its arrival, it has developed at a very high rate in artistic values also in technology used […] More

  • These Dramatic Photos Are Built With Miniature Props

    Movies, TV series and other pop entertainment have been wired into our lives and have a huge influence over society. They are loved by many people all over the world. Excluding the merchandise the companies produce for the fans, there are many people who create different creations of art which […] More

  • Artist Creates Art To Imagine Modern Pop Culture In Ruins

    Everything that is new, trending, and in every conversation has its own time. When the time comes, something newer will replace it in society and the earlier ones will get pushed back. It is the nature of everything in society. One digital artist studied that concept to create striking digital […] More

  • Here Are Your Favorite Disney Princesses In Present Day

    Disney has been a big part of many lives of many generations in the world. Their, stories and the fantasy world have enchanted the imaginations of children and adults. Based on folklore, the entertainment industry has made its foundation on these fairy tales, to develop into the cinematic industry that […] More

  • These Amazing Illustrations Are Based On Real People

    Artists all over the world get very good exposure through social media and the internet. Before social media and the internet were not a mainstream ‘thing’, people did not get to present their talents and products to society as they do in the present day. But, today people all over […] More

  • You Should See These Amazingly Hand-Crafted Miniature-Places

    Have you played with dollhouses when you were a child? Did you remember how amazed you were when you discovered that those dollhouses had small tables and chairs inside them? It was so amazing to live that experience. This Diorama artist who is from Taiwan gives you the same sort […] More

  • These Delicate & Mystical Nature Tattoos Are Truly Amazing

    Tattooing is a widespread form of body art in the fashion world which is very popular in modern society. Many younger generation people step up to get their skin tattooed by various sorts of tattoo styles. But there are so many types and styles of tattooing that you have to […] More

  • These Inspiring Spin-Wire Sculpture Art Will Catch Your Eye

    Sculpturing is an art form that is being practiced since the Greek and Roman empires. It has been practiced on stone and marble, showing off the amazing artistic abilities of the artists. But when time and art evolves, it takes different forms and avenues. This article is about such a […] More

  • Artist Uses Nature In Combination Of His Street Art

    Among many forms of painting, one of the most popular and dynamic forms of paintings is ‘street art’. It came out to existence as an underground form of art that was associated with vandalism. But with time it has made its way to becoming an accepted form of art now […] More

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