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  • Amazing Cat Stories From The National Cat Awards Competition

    Humans are awarded for their good deeds and their noble behavior at different social events to appreciate people being good samaritans. But this does not only limit itself to being a ‘human’ behavior, good deeds and wholesome behavior are found in animals as well, sometimes more than in people.  But […] More

  • 25+ Photos Of Adorable Animal Twins Of Different Species

    Animals are the purest at heart. They have no ill intentions or hidden agendas, they eat, graze, play so do what they do with no degenerative thoughts as humans. Looking at them just going about their day is satisfying enough to get anyone in a good mood. But do you […] More

  • Here Are Some Photos Proving, Monkeys Can Be Goofy As Humans

    Monkeys are supposed to be really close to humans as living beings. The bodily structure and functions have a lot of similarities. So it is only natural that they show human-like behavior from time to time. And this article brings you some of the funniest instances where monkeys are caught […] More

  • These Mice Got Their Own Minature House To Live In

    Every animal in the world deserves to live a happy and safe life. But some types of animals are condemned by people as pets and animals who are not fit to live in the neighborhood. But there are enough kind souls to help the needy to live happy life. This […] More

  • This Set Of Beautiful Mantises Are An Amazing Sight To See

    Wildlife photography is one of the most popular and amazing niches in photography. There are a lot of species of animals and it never gets boring with wildlife photography. But this article is about a specific type of animal that you do not get to see up close every day. […] More

  • Amazing Photos Of Dogs Posing In Mind-Blowing Landscapes

    One of the most popular and commonly found trends in photography is the ‘travel photography’. This is mainly done by people who travel, photographers, and social media influencers. These pictures mainly consist of the subject standing in a photo that has a breath-taking landscape background. Even though you have seen […] More

  • Photos Of Homeless People With Rich Hearts And Their Dogs

    With the current economical situation in many countries, people suffer from poverty, and some end up being homeless. They have no choice to give up their houses and live in tents and out on the street. A lot of people look at their financial and social statuses and judge them. […] More

  • Enchanting Russian Fantasy Tales Recreated With Real Animals

    Creativity and vivid imagination have created many things in this world. Those two elements can be the most powerful things to start and ideas that will change the world. One of the main things that feed and nurture our imagination is fairy tales. This Russian photographer Olga Barantseva has done […] More

  • Doggy Portraits From An Angle You Have Never Seen Before

    Animals are some of the most adorable things in the whole world and almost every person will agree with this. And there are a lot of conversations, especially about doggos in particular. This article too is about an amazing project incorporating dogs. Meet this creative photographer; Andrius Burba. He has […] More

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