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  • 80 Cats Who Sleep on Dogs

    Who doesn’t enjoy dozing off on a plush, fluffy pillow? Yes, cats do, especially if the cushion is a large, cuddly dog. Although cats and dogs don’t always get along, when its naptime, dogs don’t seem to mind—in fact, they appear to like it. That’s great, because this is the […] More

  • 104 Desperate Dogs, Just Saying Hello:

    According to mythology, curiosity can be harmful for cats, but as you can see from these hilarious photos, curiosity only makes dogs cuter. This list of canines poking their heads through fences and hedges was put together to make you smile Are there any images of enquiring dogs like the […] More

  • 130 Grandma Gift Fails So Bad You Can't Even Be Mad

    Grandmas. Don’t you adore them? They adore you, which is why they lavish you with lavish gifts. Have you always wanted a toilet-shaped mug? Grandma has your back. Is there a t-shirt in your closet that features space cats with lasers shooting out of their eyes? Guess what Grandma purchased […] More

  • 40 Things That Almost Everyone Does but Is Silent About

    Being alone yourself is unmatched in its benefits. It’s a place where no judgment is made at all; there is no need to impress others, no disappointment when expectations are not met, and no odd glances when you speak gibberish aloud in a room full of strangers. Interestingly, some of […] More

  • 50 Ways Grandparents Improved Your Life

    Some people believe that the elderly live boring lives, playing bingo all the time, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the funniest times grandparents surprised everyone around them in order to dispel negative stereotypes about senior citizens. From making […] More

  • 50 People Who Deeply Regret Online Shopping

    Online shopping is fantastic! The convenience and prices are unrivaled, and there’s the added thrill of not knowing exactly what you’ll get, and when you do get it, you might have forgotten that you ordered it in the first place – just like receiving a gift from yourself! Shopping online […] More

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