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  • Historically Famous Politicians Get A Modern Photoshoot

    There are many historically important political figures in the United States of America and the world who are world famous.  They did not get to have the technological facilities to get a modern day-like photoshoots for them when they were running the ‘office’. So, Eoford on reddit shared his concept […] More

  • 30 Disturbing Perspectives Of Pop Culture Characters

    Pop cultures runs wide and deep all over the world. It is associated with many cultures, fictions, designs and stories. The common thing about all these pop characters are that they are loved very dearly all around the world. This includes movies, cartoons, comics, games and so on. This is […] More

  • 'Cocoon Cabin' Concept Presented By Cuban Architects

    Feeling bored being at home? Need to break out of your monotonous life style and go on an adventure? Well, here are some Cuban Architectural designers from Veliz Arquitecto bringing you a brand new concept of ‘ Cocoon Cabins’. These conceptual cabins are designed to be placed on Cuban mountainsides. #1 […] More

  • 66 Sneaker Designs That Match Real Life Vehicles

    Attention all sneakerheads, this is specially presented for you. Non sneakerheads, check this amazing story out. Meet Niek Pulles, a concept designer who works for Nike, noticed how vehicles are quite similar in the design flow to shoes. Struck with inspiration, he started to collect vehicle images as random as […] More

  • How Interior Designing Changed Over Time

    The houses people live in and its interior design reflects a lot about them. As much as it reflects in the people, time has affected on the changes that have taken over the interior design in houses. To portray this change and also predicting the future, American Home Shield has […] More

  • Burning Man Introduces A Sustainable Space

    With the ‘Burning Man’ festival being cancelled due to the pandemic situation. The organizers have been working on a project of a sustainable space in the deserts of Nevada, here is the ‘Fly Ranch’! These buildings designs are meant for the co-evolution of man. The ranch produces its own power […] More

  • The Museum Of No Spectators

    The annual festival, ‘Burning Man’ got canceled and was held online for the year of 2020. Absinthia Vermut (artist) and John Marx(architect), who usually design structures for the festival had a project of their own being built. Their vision was to set up a museum up in the ‘Burning Man’ […] More