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  • This Dark Carnival Themed Photoshoot Looks Totally Awesome

    People dress up in various fashionable clothing, makeup, and other ways to express themselves when dressing up. They are a lot of fashion options that modern society offers. It can be clothing, it can be shoes, it can be makeup, or anything else, but if you match and dress up […] More

  • This Guy Has Captured Some Accidentally Brilliant Shots

    The world is filled with random stuff that has no connection. It is normal to be so since there are different people and different things going on in the same world that we all share., so society can be a mix of a lot of random things.  But it is […] More

  • Check Out Some Of The Amazing Wood Work People Have Made

    Wood has been a very common and general substance since the beginning of human history as a civilization. It was used to build shelter, it was also taken as fuel to light fires, to make and use as tools, and many more. Even in the modern-day, when humans have discovered […] More

  • Check Out These People Who Repair Their Clothes In Style

    A lot of people get their clothes ripped, stained, and damaged all the time. When that happens, normally people would take it to the tailor to get it fixed, and sometimes, people just throw them away. With the rising levels of environmental pollution, these clothes fill in a lot of […] More

  • 33 Awesome Things That Were Found Inside Prison Cells

    Prison is a totally different world inside its walls. Although we do not motivate anyone to end up in prison. There are quite amazing things that go inside a prison. They have their own society; a gym, kitchen, dining area, hair-cutting area, a shop, a medical center, and many more. […] More

  • This Book Lover Creates Imaginary Worlds Using Her Books

    People say that books transform us into imaginary worlds where any and everything is possible. And any book reader or a book lover knows that this is absolutely true. We cannot see the world that the books create inside every person’s imagination, but one book lover tried to express the […] More

  • These Dramatic Photos Are Built With Miniature Props

    Movies, TV series and other pop entertainment have been wired into our lives and have a huge influence over society. They are loved by many people all over the world. Excluding the merchandise the companies produce for the fans, there are many people who create different creations of art which […] More

  • Artist Creates Art To Imagine Modern Pop Culture In Ruins

    Everything that is new, trending, and in every conversation has its own time. When the time comes, something newer will replace it in society and the earlier ones will get pushed back. It is the nature of everything in society. One digital artist studied that concept to create striking digital […] More

  • Here Are Your Favorite Disney Princesses In Present Day

    Disney has been a big part of many lives of many generations in the world. Their, stories and the fantasy world have enchanted the imaginations of children and adults. Based on folklore, the entertainment industry has made its foundation on these fairy tales, to develop into the cinematic industry that […] More

  • These Mice Got Their Own Minature House To Live In

    Every animal in the world deserves to live a happy and safe life. But some types of animals are condemned by people as pets and animals who are not fit to live in the neighborhood. But there are enough kind souls to help the needy to live happy life. This […] More

  • Brain Analysis To Determine What People Want To Look Like

    As people, we are never happy and content with ourselves. That can be seen as human nature or a flaw. Every one of us is not perfect humans, we are different and we have different abilities and weaknesses in ourselves, even our appearances are not the same. So, being up […] More

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