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  • 30 of the best optical illusion photos on the internet.

    You’ll probably agree that these photos are quite entertaining to look at, whether you’ve ever captured a photo using the optical illusion technique or you’ve accidentally shot something that seems to play tricks on your eyes. If you enjoy bizarre images, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ve gathered […] More

  • 20 Funny Pinterest Fails That People Have Shared Online

    The Internet has proven itself to be a treasure of vast information. Things that were hard to reach or things that people could never reach are now available, right at your fingertips. But this information should be digested properly in a mannerly way, or you might end up with unexpected […] More

  • This Artist Transforms Walls Into Murals With His Art

    The urban parts of the world are now being converted into seas of man-made structures. These buildings, sky scapers cover the cityscape and the view around you if you find yourself in a city. But you can only marvel so much at these structures before they feel mundane. Everything will […] More

  • This Creative Food Artist Does Cool Carvings On Vegetables

    Food is a topic that has zero haters. It satisfies everyone, in the way they prefer. The world of food is far and wide, it literally has an infinite amount of dishes and combinations. It keeps on evolving and developing every single day. Even though the food was eaten just […] More

  • AI Creates Realistic Portrait Photos Of Historical Figures

    The past did not have a very accurate documenting tool when it came to describing people’s appearance. They had parchments, inscriptions, paintings, and sculptures in contrast to the photo, video, and other digital documentation tools present in the modern world. So, we have no option but to analyze what we […] More

  • 30 Photos Of An Amazing World Of Cute Fantasy Creatures

    We all have our own dreamy and fantasy worlds that we live in our heads. Imagination is a very powerful and creative tool that has the capability of creating anything that we wish for. That is the fountain of creativity in each person. All art forms stand on creativity in […] More

  • Hilarious Photoshop Editor Trolls Online Requests Again

    We all know the quote that goes like ” With great power come greater responsibilities”. But did anyone tell you the quote about “With photoshop skill comes greater trolling”? Well if you didn’t know it, this article will show you what that exactly means. Photoshop editing and photo manipulation is […] More

  • Funny Edits Show How Hollywood Sees Other Countries

    As everyone knows, the American movie industry or Hollywood is dominating the current cinema industry of the world. Creating an amazing amount of movies each year they have managed to stay on the top. It is fair to say that they have the best movie industry with all the technology, […] More

  • This Artist Illustrates Amazing Art Of A Nostalgic City

    The year 2020 has been one of the strangest years in the world. Although the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, bringing it to a halt with a worldwide lockdown, it also had its silver lining as well. A lot of people had all the world they could have to […] More

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