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  • 40 Pictures Of Things People Found With Metal Detectors

    A lot of people all around the world use metal detectors to go on treasure hunting as a hobby. Some times it actually is more than the amount that you think since it is not publicly seen very often. Some people find rings, coins, old tin cans and some lucky […] More

  • 7 Ruined Palaces Rebuilt By Technology

    You can find ruins of every historic kingdom from all the civilizations around the world. The legends, stories and the myths describes what sort of lifestyle and what sort of infrastructure they had. But we cannot see them today since most of these infrastructures have turned into ruins. Since people […] More

  • 28 Overrated Travel Destinations

    With every one being stuck at home due to the global pandemic, many wish to go back to the good old days where you could travel freely, as you wished for. Travelling was a big part in the lives of the people while it was also the livelihood of many […] More

  • Satellite Images Show Destructive Changes Man Has Done To Earth

    Man has made changes on Earth for centuries and made a remarkable change in human civilization. All life on Earth co-exists, everything is bound by nature as it helps all life to prevail. Google Earth Satellites unveiled pictures taken of locations, 36 years apart. It is clearly evident that mankind […] More