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  • Here Are Some Celebrities Who Got Canceled Unfairly

    Being a celebrity is not that easy. You might think that all they have to do is to bask in the glamour and enjoy the expensive lifestyle. But in reality, it can be harder than leading a normal life that any average person would have.  There will be attention drawn […] More

  • You Should See These Actors And Their Stunt Doubles

    The world of entertainment has developed so much in the last couple of decades. It has evolved in terms of story writing, plots, talent, technology, and so on. But with the advancing industry stories and scripts should intensify as well. But when everything raises its standards higher and higher, the […] More

  • This Editor Combines Different Pop Character-Photos Together

    Hollywood’s movies and their characters are popular all over the world across many countries. There are so many world-famous movies and actors who have fans of all languages and colors. Recently, there is an emerging trend in the world of entertainment where specific movie universes collide together to create a […] More

  • 30 Actors Who Auditioned For A Movie Role But Didn't Get It

    Entertainment is a widespread industry in the world. And the actors who are present in the movies have a big influence in relating the story to us over time. Even though they are just actors, they have influenced our lives in many ways and it would have never been the […] More

  • 31 Famous Emotional Movies That Will Drain Your Eyes

    Movies have peaked in the entertainment industry since a long time back. People have celebrated movies, actors, and franchises. A lot of people have grown up with their favorite movies and they certainly do have an effect on life. When we talk about movies, there are several genres of movies […] More

  • This Guy Will Show You How To Do Cosplay At A Very Low Budget

    Everybody loves entertainment, everybody has their favorite celebrities and characters. Therefore, the culture of cosplay is in existence where people dress up as their favorite character or celebrity. The problem most people have with cosplay is that the costumes are costly for anyone to do cosplay. But wait, we got […] More

  • 23 Popular Characters And Their Human Voice Actors

    Have you ever wondered what a dubbing artist or a voice-over artist looks like? You must have been thinking how their jobs operate. More than anything, how they looked. Well, here we are bringing you some of the well known characters along with their voice actors. Voice acting is not […] More

  • Amazing Remakes Of Scenes From Movies You Know

    Movies and TV series are things that everybody loves. People all around the world watch and be entertained by them. This is an amazing story about a couple who has used their imagination to recreate the scenes of their favorite movie or TV series. These two are a German couple […] More

  • A Decade's Amazing Hunt Of Classic Vinyl Cover Locations

    Vinyl records came into existence and were popular during the classic era of music in the world. Many people had a lot of quality music to listen to while it influenced almost every artist who introduced modern music genres. The records were big and took space to store them, when […] More

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