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  • These Awesome Steampunk Masks Gives People A Cyborg Face

    Masks were something that people used to wear during festivities and for fun. This changed since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone instantly went back to masks as something mandatory. At first, it was strange, uncomfortable since no one wore masks on a daily basis. But now, since it […] More

  • 30 Practical Photo Posing Tips By This Photography Major

    People often complain that they are not photogenic enough to look good in their photos. But it is not something you are born with, it is something you can do, consciously. People who seem to be naturally photogenic pose themselves naturally without being conscious about it. To explain how your […] More

  • Curvy Model Recreates Zara Model-Posing On A Funny TikTok

    The fashion and beauty industries are skyrocketing as modern-day society is very conscious about what they wear and how they look. This has been a wonderful opportunity for art to revive and grow out to present amazing things that it can do. The fashion industry is sp far and wide […] More

  • People Line Up To Be Inked By This Tattooist Who Cannot Draw

    To be an identified professional in some art form, you should do something that the other artists doesn’t. Well, the message was to be so good than the rest but one artist got the wrong idea. This article is about a peculiar Tattoo artist who is popular for her ability […] More

  • This Hair Stylist Creates Extraordinary Hair Braids -18 Pics

    Hair is one of the most common and one of the most distinguished features of any person. It contributes a lot to creating their appearance. So, hair should be something that receives a lot of a person’s attention, care, and importance. When taking care of one’s hair, there are a […] More

  • 50 Hilarious Make Up Fails That People Have Shared Online

    The beauty industry is one of the most successful industries in the world. It is growing rapidly as more and more people are actively concerned about their beauty and appearance more than ever. The products and professionals in the beauty care industry have more opportunities in the market in the […] More

  • Plus-Size Model Shows How To Style Without Being Skinny

    Fashion is a popular concern with almost everyone in the modern world. A very lesser amount of people go out without thinking about what they wear twice. There are new fashion trends, styles, and ideas introduced to the world every single day. The big companies, influencers, and social media play […] More

  • 30 Photos Of Cool Tattoos By This Korean Tattoo Artist

    Tattoos are not just colors and ink stabbed onto people’s skin. They carry a personalized set of emotions, aesthetics, a message, and a lot of things that mean a lot to the person who wears the tattoo. As the tattooing industry expands more and more since it was accepted in […] More

  • 15 High Fashion Afro Portraits Looks So Cool On These Girls

    Hair is one of the most fashionable and notable things all throughout human history. People have made their hair a very considerate part of their bodies. Hairstyling and dressing have become really common things that people pay attention to since it contributes a lot to one’s appearance. Among all the […] More

  • 35 Photos Of Spooky Halloween Themed Tattoos On Skin

    The Halloween season is right at its biggest night, the 31st of October. This is the time for every person to embrace their creepy side and celebrate it. Everything from our clothes, to home decorations and food, are being prepared to match the season. We can make it more spookier […] More

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