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  • Heart Touching Photos Of Grand Parents & Grand Children

    There is a very special connection between Grand-Parents and Grand-Children. In today’s busy world, grand-parents get to be closer and more present with their grandchildren at home. With their knowledge and experience with bringing up children, grandparents become one of the child’s favorite people easily. But, when we grow up, […] More

  • 20+ Things That People Should Actually Care More In Weddings

    Marriage is one of the celebrated and valued social events in the society from the old times to the modern day. These weddings are packed with social traditions and things to please people for. This has been on going tradition for centuries for weddings to be people pleasers rather than […] More

  • 35 Sad Quotes That You Might Need To Hear Will Fix Your Soul

    Everybody in the world is struggling with something or the other. The world has grown too big for most of us to grapple with. Every thing is expanded, education, jobs, stress, children, relationships, finances and the list goes on. Some times you just need to catch your breath for a […] More

  • 50 Love Stories That Will Make Anyone Believe In Love

    Love is such a mystery. Even after centuries, we still wander in search for that special connection. Happiness, Sadness, Despair and a bunch of more polar-opposite emotions swirl around this word. People have felt it, shared it and lived it, but no one is still able to give out one […] More