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  • These Photos Capture The Beautiful Worlds In A Water Drop

    When people hear the word “Photography”, they naturally think of wildlife or any sort of photo style that captures scenic views. But it is much more sophisticated than capturing scenes and wide-angle photos. It can happen on a micro to macro scale as well. These photo genres are dedicated to […] More

  • You Should See These Photos Of Some Amazing Thunderstorms

    Photography is one of the most amazing forms of art practiced in the world today. You get to capture some of the world’s rare scenes that people do not get to see very often. This has been developing at a high rate as technology and photography skills are surging. In […] More

  • Take A Look At Some Of Beautiful Front Doors In London

    One of the most important and elegant places in a house is the entrance. It is where visitors arrive at your place and enter your home. So, it is responsible for giving the first impression about the place you live and about yourself as well. But front doors are not […] More

  • These People Gave Their Gardens A Make Over In The Pandemic

    Gardening has been practiced by people for a long time in history. But the recent COVID-19 pandemic spiked the trend of gardening because everyone was stuck at home for a long time. Many people left their gardens unattended or poorly maintained because they mainly did not have enough time to […] More

  • Beauty Of A Magical Misty Forest Captured By A Camera Eye

    Nature plays its magic in many ways that we cannot even think of. It uses the basic things that we see and know such as trees, light, and mist to create amazing scenes as if they are pulled out from a fantasy movie. Meet this creative Italian photographer who is […] More

  • Lay Your Eyes On The Incredible Landscape of Iceland

    Photographers go to unbelievable lengths to get the most amazing photographs. It is the love of the art and the destinations that drive them to travel across the world to capture the subject on their lens. Meet this awesome photographer Sebastian Müller who has captured some amazing shots of one […] More

  • These Cabins Look Magical In The Woods

    Have you dreamed of escaping your busy life and go rest in a wooden cabin deep in the woods in peace where no one would find you? Most of us like the idea of escaping our monotonous lifestyle and connect with Nature.  Even though the pandemic that challenged the world’s […] More

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