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  • How The ‘Other Half’ Lived In New York Back In The 1800s

    America is known as the land of opportunity since it has generated life-changing possibilities for people all around the world. In the 1890s, a lot of people migrated to New York, in hopes of changing their lives for the better in the US. But this rallying up of expatriates caused […] More

  • 20+ Photos Of Wholesome Things People Do During Christmas

    This is the time of the year in which we celebrate love, giving, and kindness to all. With all the festivities and celebrations, people practice being kind to each other. Even if we see the mainstream celebrations and parties, there are a lot of amazing people doing amazing acts of […] More

  • 20 Endearing Married Couples Who Are 30+ Years Together

    Marriage is one of the most important turning points in your life. You change the course of your life by forming an entirely new family to live your life with. Who life partners, leading life and a family together is not the easiest, but it is one of the most […] More

  • AI Creates Realistic Portrait Photos Of Historical Figures

    The past did not have a very accurate documenting tool when it came to describing people’s appearance. They had parchments, inscriptions, paintings, and sculptures in contrast to the photo, video, and other digital documentation tools present in the modern world. So, we have no option but to analyze what we […] More

  • 40 Instagrammers Who Hilariously Went Overboard On Editing

    Instagram is the ultimate people socializing with photos and videos. It was a very new concept when it was introduced, to post photos and videos only without posting any text posts. But it was quickly grappled by everybody in the world. Since it is primarily photos, people started to invest […] More

  • 29 Awesome Daughters Recreate Their Mothers’ Old Photos

    Every child has the thought of figuring out how their parents’ youth must be like back in the day. Even though we can’t travel back in time, there is one way we could peek into it, photographs. This technology gives us the chance to look at certain moments of the […] More

  • Frontline Heroes During The Pandemic Honored In 35 Portraits

    Being one of the deadly and fast spread diseases, COVID-19 is now all over the world creating chaos in the lives of every person. But compared to last year, we have made huge progress with the invention of the COVID-19 vaccine and other scientific studies. Even though the virus is […] More

  • The AAP Magazine Selects 25 Best & Powerful Street Photos

    Each of our lives are filled with moments that are unique to our own selves. No one can experience life in the way you experience your own. Billions of different lives and moments in the world, that are very fascinating when you think about it. But what’s more interesting is […] More

  • 25+ People Share How Much They Get Paid By Their Jobs

    The internet and social media platforms have brought people together beyond every border and differences there are in the real world. They socialize online and it has been very interesting about what you can do and talk with people about. Among all the mainstream social media platforms, Reddit is one […] More

  • 20+ People Who Chose Not To Be Parents Reflect On Their Life

    Among the billions of people on Earth, every single person has their own preferences and choices they make about life. Studies, hobbies, clothing, marriage, and also whether to have or not to have children is also one’s own decision to live by. Even though it is new to some people, […] More

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