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    The world is an amazing place with a lot of things that surprise us every single day. They can be classified as a scientific phenomenon that is explained by scientists. Then again there are things and incidents that have happened in the past which are too weird to be explained. […] More

  • 30 Smartest Dog Breeds In The World, Proved By Science

    Dogs are named as man’s best friend for a long time back in history. This is because dogs could get along with humans while understanding our nature. This process of understanding humans and our lifestyles to adapt themselves is not easy for animals. But animals with more developed brains can […] More

  • Here Are A Bunch Of Typophobic Moments In Our Daily Life

    People have different types of phobias and fears that they freak out about. Some might be afraid of heights, others of needles, and so on. But this article focuses on one of those phobias which a bunch of people has been posting about online. This type of fear is called […] More

  • 45 Most Unique People With Rare Genetic Codes

    Genetics is one of the most amazing things that are so complex and beautiful at the same time. They are the codes, the guidelines that a being is being made. They will decide the components and the attributes of your body. And that is the reason that, out of billions […] More

  • The Mind-Blowing UV Photoshoot Of Fluorescent Flowers Is Real

    This is a totally mind blowing genre of photography that Craig Burrows has presented the world. He captures the fluorescence illumination of the flowers by doing an Ultra-Violet photoshoot. This very strange photoshoot was done by using commonly found flowers in the environment. These flowers do have a fluorescence illumination […] More

  • A Set Of First ‘Earth’ Photo Films Restored Digitally

    Moon is our celestial satellite which orbits around our planet. Everybody sees it and loves it. But only a handful of people are lucky enough to have a view at our home planet while being on the moon. For the people who had that opportunity, they recall it as one […] More