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Cats & Dogs Look Gorgeous With Their Floral Crowns On

Flowers and floral arrangements have been a constant element in decoration and fashion. A lot of people have created amazing, fairytale-like settings and dresses with the use of floral arrangements and designs. This article brings you an adorable presentation of flower arrangements in a way you do not see every day.

This company; Freya’s Floral Company, has taken the initiative to design floral headdresses for pets and also their owners. This concept came into practice with the company’s owner Yarely, who made a headdress for her pet doggo an Australian shepherd named Freya. After posting the pictures she took of Freya, she has received a lot of requests from many pet owners. This is how this wonderful project came into existence.

It is one of the most cutest things you will see. Because Cats, Dogs, and Flowers are the most beautiful things in the world and when you make something combining them together, it is just magical!

Yarely has created a huge amount of headdresses by now and she has created the trend of getting dreamy pictures of your pet with floral-wear on. This is a very colorful and positive sort of fashion that you can try with your pet, to give back to these adorable beings who love you unconditionally.

Apart from her doggo Yarely has another model for her photoshoot; an Instagram star cat Leonidas who has been an absolute fashion model throughout the project. You can scroll down to check out the amazing photos of these animal models, styling their floral headdresses. Please let us know what you think about this adorable project.

More info & Photo courtesy: freyasfloralco | leo.mainecoon


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