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Cats Get Hats Made By Their Own Hair

This is a piece of very exciting news for the cats’ owners! As cats are one of the most popular types of pets in the world. This news might be something that you will be interested in.

A creative Japanese artist Ryo Yamazaki has produced a line of ‘cat hats’ with his wife Hiromi. Being a photographer and a cat lover himself, Yamazaki has seen over the years that cats are very reserved, but they are not good with accessories. Dogs and cats both get accessories but cats are not enthusiastic about their accessories.

In case if they don’t like it or they make the cat uncomfortable, he made a line of hats using a material that they would certainly be comfortable in. Their own hair! Yes, a lot of you might have questions about how the material is extracted. Fear not, these are fallen hair from the cats’ body which is collected, processed, and turned into designer hats for the cats to wear.

He has made quite a few designs in this line. They are mostly cute, adorable, and hilarious. But they exactly fit the profile of a cat. Since the hats are made out of their own fur, the cats in the promotional photoshoot are seemed to be very calm as if they do not notice the hat they are wearing

After posting these pictures on Instagram, Yamazaki received a lot of positive comments and his pictures were shared by a lot of people online. We have collected some of his photos for you on cats in hats! Scroll down to check out these awesome photos and rank your favorite to the top. Please share your comments with us on these cute hats.

More info & Photo courtesy: Ryo Yamazak


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