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Check Out How Iconic Movies Chose Their Color Palettes

Everyone loves to watch a good movie and enjoy it. We see actors, the script in play, music, action, stunts, and others. But filmmaking is a deeper art than what we see on the surface. They play a psychological orchestra on our minds to make us enjoy the movie that they wish it to be watched as.

This might be confusing to ordinary folks like us. But we decide to discuss one such element which ‘hides in plain sight; Color palettes. Movies are a medium of visual art. So, colors play a huge part in the movie even if we do not pay any specific attention to it. If you check your favorite movies, you will feel a specific shade or a tone in the entire movie no matter what the scenes are. This is because the movie was made in those specific color ranges.

The people who are in charge of this during the production chooses a color palette based on how the movie wants its audience to see it or how it wants the audience to feel. Science works in amazing ways, you might never believe this but colors do have a psychological trigger in our minds, so by choosing specific colors and adding different levels of hue, saturation, value, and these color combinations can trigger our mind into feeling a certain way. This is the reason that movies interpret to the audience the same no matter where or who views them.

We have selected some still photographs of famous movies and got their color palettes for you to have a look at it. The famous scene in Harry potter of Snape is also on this list, when you take a look at it, the darker shades of blue and green trigger feelings of darkness, empathy, muted feelings, and so on. It is not a simple task to choose the perfect color palette for a movie.

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