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Check Out How Musicians Look Before And After Concerts

Photography has the ability to capture moments in people’s lives and freeze them in time. It has given us a lot of amazing documentation and perspective of things that mean a lot to the sciences, countries, and society. So, here is another article that looks into another dimension in society.

Musicians are aesthetic geniuses who create and perform music. Although they create and record their music in studios, one of the main parts of their profession is on stage; performing live to the crowds. Under the bright lights, on a stage facing crowds of hundreds and thousands of fans cheering for the artist, these artists pour their hearts out on stage as music.

Most of the time, bands go on to perform a series of shows in the form of a tour which can extend over months of traveling and performing. After giving their best out for a few hours on stage, these musicians get off stage exhausted and being hammered from the exhaustion. They are drenched in sweat, messy hair, and looking forwards to hit the bed as soon as they can.

But fans, the cameras, and the world only see the part where they are energetic and very impressive on stage. Only the performers and the crew sees what goes on backstage. So, one photographer, Brandon Andersenwho was with The Vans Warped Tour decided that he should document the difference of musicians before and after the concerts.

He captured portrait photos of musicians in front of the same background right before they went on stage and right after they get off. You can clearly see the difference between both the pictures and have a brief idea bout the exhaustion. This set of photos were shared by a lot of people while it relates to a lot who are working in the music and entertainment industries as well. 

We gathered some of his pictures below for you to check out. Scroll down and let us know what you think about this project.

More info & Photo courtesy: Brandon Andersen


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