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Check Out How These Eyes Turns Everything Into A Character

Creativity has no borders that it cannot cross. You just have to let your creativity run wild in your imagination. This is how artists are created, also, this is how newer forms of art are created as well. Here is one of the most creative and newest forms of street art.

This form of street art is found on the streets of Bulgaria. A creative artist; Vanyu Krastev is responsible for turning many items into characters. You might wonder how this is done, simple he just pastes googly-eyes on things that he imagines to make a face. It is complicated to make a face out of random things on the street. But it is no match for this artist’s imagination.

His art can range from broken street lamps to stains on the sidewalk or even trees. This is a very creative way to turn broken things into something fun and artistic. He is a known artist in Bulgaria and also on the internet for being an artist who leaves pieces of art in public spaces for everyone to enjoy. His work has been shared across all social media platforms by internet users from all over the world.

You can check his work out on his official website; eyebombing where he posts his work and about his latest projects. We have also listed some of his amazing work of pasting googly-eyes to give a face and life to all the boring, broken, and mundane things.

You can scroll through this list and upvote your favorite photos to the top of this list. Please feel free to write down what your think about these adorable pieces of art lying around in Bulgaria, in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: eyebombing


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