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Check Out These 30 Roman Emperors' AI-Generated Faces

History is experienced and studied through the documentation that the people in the past made. There are writings and other historical sites where you can get to see them physically. Among these creations that prevail up to date, sculptures take a special place because they were based on real people when the artists did the sculptures.

Even though they are not real pictures that we can take a direct look at, they give us enough detail to understand what they look like. This article is about a creative digital artist who used the power of technology to enhance these sculptured faces and turn them into life-life faces! Meet Haround Binous, he is a digital artist from Switzerland and he is popular on the internet for using his photo manipulation and AI-generated photos. He has created a number of photo collections on many historical aspects.

Today, we have collected a set of Roman Emperor’s sculptures and their AI-generated faces. This skillful artist went deep into the details to research the age that they dies and even about the ethnicities of these emperors to create their facial features accordingly. Gathering all of these details, Haround created an amazing set of conceptual faces using Artificial Intelligence. You will find great names from Augustus to Marcus Aurelius on this list.

Here are the wonders of the advanced technology and creativity of this incredible artist put together. You will no longer have to spend hours trying to figure out how would these emperors would look like, Haround got you covered! Scroll down to check the list of conceptual faces that this artist generated. Share what you think about this photo collection in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Haround Binous | Facebook


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