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Check Out These Jaw-Dropping Edits By This Russian Photoshop Ninja

With the usage of social media, every one of us is exposed to edited photos. Now, editing photos is no big deal. There are thousands of instant editing applications on our mobile devices. But for the professionals, there are more elaborate software. 

Photoshop has been the most desired ‘go to’ software among professional editors. With its complex editing tools, many mind-blowing edits are being done all the time. This is about a very talented Photoshop ‘Ninja’ who creates edits that no ordinary person would ever try. Meet Max Asabin who is a Russian digital artist who can create magic by his talent.

His speciality is that he can use multiple cropped pictures to merge into one flawless edited image that no one can ever guess how it was edited. Editing by using simple blends are always seen on the internet. But they never match with the composition, quality, lighting, and so much more. This is the area that Asabin shines, he makes sure that every element that he places into the picture has a uniform lighting source, and everything else needed to properly merge it.

Most of his edits does not only merge the multiple elements into the same picture but also adds an atmosphere of magic, mystery and fantasy into it as well. He has been posting his work on his Instagram account that has over 267k followers, he is being followed by a lot of people from all over the world on all of his social media accounts and his website as well.

For you to get an idea of how his edits work, we have collected and listed down a few of his edits. To make it clearer, they are accompanied by the initial look of it. With the elements that he crops in. Scroll down to check them out and rank your favourite editor to the top. It would be great if you share your ideas and thoughts about these edits in the comments sections below.

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