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Check Out These People Who Repair Their Clothes In Style

A lot of people get their clothes ripped, stained, and damaged all the time. When that happens, normally people would take it to the tailor to get it fixed, and sometimes, people just throw them away. With the rising levels of environmental pollution, these clothes fill in a lot of space in the garbage dumps.

So, with that news, there is a better way to deal with clothes that are damaged or stained. You can do this at home, by yourself and at the end, your damaged clothes will look more attractive than it was before as well. You can tune into a Reddit group that was made for people who fix their own clothes and for people who enjoy such work. Visiblemending has around 64K users in this subreddit who post and share stories of their fixes.

People share their stories of stitching, embroidering, or patching their damaged clothes and most of them have turned out to be pretty awesome with their results. Many people became a part of this subreddit with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone into their homes. They got to discover new hobbies or give more time to the hobbies that they were already practicing.

Anyhow, these practices are really aesthetic, fun, genuine and it does contribute to minimizing and stopping environmental pollution. On the brighter side, you will have your clothes look better every time they get damaged!

Posts from this group have been making people amazed and happy all over the internet. So, we decided to collect some of those photos and list them down for you. You can scroll down and check them out and also bring your favorites to the top of the list by upvoting.

More info & Photo courtesy: Visiblemending