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Check Out These Portrait Photos Of Children With Their Toys

World Children’s Day is internationally celebrated every 1st of October. Children, without a doubt, are the best versions of people. They are pure at heart, young in their souls, and most importantly; they live a life with no weight of any complexity of life.

We would like to present you with a cute series of photos that a talented Italian photographer has captured from all around the world. Meet Gabriele Galimberti, he is fascinated by the simple and happy lives led by kids all over the world. And there is one signature component in a child’s life; their toys. Children spend most of their time playing, fascinated by the things in the world, they used their imagination while playing with their toys.

So, this thought made this photographer travel and capture portrait pictures of children with their toys. He visited a number of countries and people to collect these photos and he also got to meet people of different socio-economic levels as well. But there was one thing that he spotted in each of these pictures. Whatever these kids had as toys, they truly loved them and these toys made the children’s hearts full.

Children are not poisoned by the negative influences of society and they certainly do not care what others think. They will remain to be happy with what they got and spread love unconditionally. Everyone must agree with the fact that childhood was the best time in their lives. Growing up only adds responsibilities and things to worry about. Let’s take a moment to celebrate this amazing day and love & cherish our children every single day. 

Scroll down to check out some of the portraits taken by this photographer which are also available as a book titled as; Toy Stories. Let us know what you think about these photos in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Gabriele Galimberti


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