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Check Out These Tasty & Edible 'Gardens And Galaxies' Cakes

Food is something that no one will say no to. People consume food for their survival, but there is so much more to food than just consuming it for our own survival. CUlinary art holds up food to be more creative, visual, tasty and it just adds all sorts of aesthetic alterations into food. And this article discusses one of the oldest and famous desserts of all time.

Cake, is known worldwide for being a dessert. The sweetness and the sponginess is unmatched. The modern food industry has developed so much that it has separate departments for cake at some establishments. It is now more decorative, experimental, and cake is no more a piece of flour, sugar, eggs, and the basic cake that was there several years ago.

Meet this talented cake artist all the way from Russia; Yulia Kedyarova whose cake artistry is known all over the world. She is known to create very visually pleasing cakes which taste awesome at the same time. This artist has specific themes that she sticks to as a specialty, those are ‘Gardens’ and ‘Galaxies’.

She captures the colorful floral pattern and more uplifting appearances into her cakes with a lot of butterflies, which will definitely give you a summer vibe just looking at them. And then comes the Galaxy theme which is yet another colorful theme where the effects of the cosmos, galaxies, and nebulas are captured into creating vibrant decorations on her cakes that will give her cakes a fantasy-like of look when presented.

Kedyarova uses Instagram as one of her main platforms to promote and conduct her business. Since she posts her work online, a lot of people in Russia and also from many other countries now get the chance to have a look at her amazing artistry. 

We thought of bringing you some cool photos of her cakes. Check out these pictures by scrolling down and you can share your yummy thoughts about these cakes in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Yulia Kedyarova


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