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Check Out These Yummy School Lunches Of Different Countries

Food is a very interesting topic all over the world. As much as we need food to provide nutrition for our survival, food can be a traditional and a national representative from each country and region in the world.

The world of food is diverse and the diversity itself makes the food very attractive and palatable. And this specific restaurant took an interest in taking a dive into discussing that diversity. This is the Sweet Green, this is a restaurant chain and it has taken the initiative to re-imagine and create concept meals that will represent different countries. Rather than creating fancy dishes and arrangements, they went to a more commonly found arrangement; School lunch trays.

This is an uncommon arrangement since almost every restaurant presents any dish in a very posh way and a school lunch tray is something that you won’t find usually. This restaurant has tried to present the differences and the diversity of commonly found types of food that will fit a school lunch. They have compiled this lunch tray with various food that the specific countries are known for.

Some food stands out as fresh and balanced. Some have more palatable and more flavors in them and this is the beauty of food all over the world. Even though these pictures that are listed below might not be realistic in a common school lunch tray, this is what the restaurant chooses to present as a concept.

Scroll down to check it out and you can rank your favorites to the top of the list by upvoting in the photos. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments sections below.

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