The Dark Waters Of Lake Volta Calls For Child Labor

Lake Volta is the Largest man made lake in the world. Expanding almost half the size of Ghana in its length, this lakes covers a huge land mass. You can see dead trees and their remains in the misty waters where now its just a huge mass of water. It is used to breed fish and to generate electricity. Surrounding these dark waters, is a darker story bound to it.

The child labor used in fishing activities is a well known fact. The children are used in the operation of fishing and maintenance of the boats, nets and the equipment. Most of the children, who are unjustly used are trafficked into these operations. In order to bring the world’s attention to this matter , movie maker and photographer Jeremy Snell travelled all the way to Lake Volta and documented the dark lives of these children and produced the series named as ” The boys of Volta”.

Although Snell did not photograph the trafficked children due to ethical considerations, he got to meet the children who worked there as a job. Snell managed to document the stories of the trafficked children through these children. He recreated scenes at work with these children. His plan is to take his series and documentation to the international spotlight so these children will not get lost in the misty waters of the Lake Volta. We have collected some pictures of Snell’s photo collection for you. Scroll down to check it out and visit the link below to know more information. You can help the children of Volta if you follow Snell’s website. Please do share your thoughts about this in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Jeremy Snell | Instagram | Boys of Volta from Setanta Books


Written by Alex Bradley

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