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Artist Shows The Shocking Reality Of Children In Favelas

Diversity among people, countries, cultures, and every other difference are interesting things in this free world. But if you take a look at things closely, you will see that his ‘free’ world is not that free to some people. Democracy, peace, and order are things that are enjoyed by the privileged countries and their citizens. Even if the entire world has turned towards democracy and modernization, certain countries fail to provide the same level of livelihoods. This causes people to go astray while building a degraded culture that never stands out for the good.

One of the best examples of this is Brazil. It is a wonderful country with a lot of amazing things. But the Favelas in Rio De Janeiro put people in a society where its people cannot outgrow the culture that the Favelas provide them. When looking into the data, around 40% of the children growing up there have witnessed people using firearms. So, that influence in a child’s very beginning of life does not put them in a very safe or positive environment. This influence in their lives certainly affects their choices, aspiration, and their livelihood choices strictly.

The greed of politics and businesses has left the Favelas as they are to be controlled by the mob and the people. This negligence costs a lot more than what can be measured by currency. The childhood of Brazil’s future is at risk while no one really takes and initiative to make a change and see it go through.

This very unfortunate reality is presented by Brazil’s own Lukas Ricardo through his art project titled; “Art would liberate”. It shows the world how the culture of crime has influenced the young generation of Brazil. This series of art is astounding with the power of its message. This graphical message that Lukas presents to the world is very expressive as the art of a proper artist should be. He hopes that his art would affect people to turn the world’s attention towards fixing this issue.

We shared a set of his powerful art below for you to see. Scroll down to take a look at Lukas’ work and follow the links to know more about this amazing artist. You can share your thoughts in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Lukas Ricardo | Lukasdesigner


Written by Alex Bradley

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