'Cocoon Cabin' Concept Presented By Cuban Architects

Feeling bored being at home? Need to break out of your monotonous life style and go on an adventure? Well, here are some Cuban Architectural designers from Veliz Arquitecto bringing you a brand new concept of ‘ Cocoon Cabins’. These conceptual cabins are designed to be placed on Cuban mountainsides.


Calling these cabins ‘Cocoons’, the designers try to blend the  architecture with the mountainside and its nature. The material they have used in this concept is mainly wood which blends in with the nature with its material and color. 



Placed across the mountain side with a spacious area, this is the ultimate Cuban call of the wild that you may need to fix your mood.


The materials are mostly natural. Thus, making it a much greener travel destination where it is more suited for people who travel in search of serenity. These Cocoons will make you feel at home with the nature. 


If you want to know more details about this concept or any project please follow the links. Also, do not forget to leave your comments about this nature friendly travel destination concept in the comments section below!




Written by Alex Bradley

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