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Colorful Miniature Worlds Built Inside ‘Dragon Eggs’ That You Cannot Miss

Ever since the Earth started receiving visual documentation of what space and its planets look like, a lot of people were left in awe by the sheer beauty of it. The colors, the composition and simply how those elements look together can be pretty breathtaking. If you are a night sky enthusiast or interested about space and its celestial bodies, there is no more explanation needed.

Inspired by such amazing things, these ‘Dragon Eggs’ by Ben’s Workx were created. Crafted by the very talented Australian artist Ben; they are egg-shaped items which are made by wood and resin. Inside the see-through resin is a very vibrantly laid out terrain. It resembles elements of space, alien terrains and other conceptual layouts.

As you can observe, these very colorful designs are done by using mostly glitter and metallic paint. It is done on a wooden base which is later topped by the resin and made into an egg-like shape.

Every one of these ‘eggs’ are hand-made and they are custom. The pictures that Ben posted of these eggs went viral on social media platforms that he shared them on. Within a very short period of time, Ben is famous for his incredible product that he sells on Etsy currently.

These ‘Dragon Eggs’ as they are named, are some of the most incredibly beautiful creations that can be placed on a palm, desk or anywhere that offers a minimal space. So, please head down to check out these literally out-of-this-world ‘Dragon Eggs’ by Ben’s Workx and follow the links below for more. Do not forget to comment down your ideas and thoughts in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Ben’s Workx | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Etsy


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