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Colorizing Photos From The Past Gives Them Life

Photography is a very elegant tool to document and preserve time and its moments for all time. It has already proven to be very useful and important. People can have a look at the history and study, learn and just marvel at the moments from the past.

Photography has been developed to a better and a modern level with the assistance of technology. Back in the day they did not have colored photography, the photos were taken on film which was in ‘Black and White’. Today we have colorized photography and with developing technology all the time to uplift its quality all the time.

This is about a collection of such ‘Black and White’ pictures that were colorized using modern editing software. These colorizations have made these pictures even more realistic and relatable. The Paper Time Machine is a photo book that is done by Jordan Lloyd  and
Wolfgang Wild, who has brought photographs from the past back to life.

They have colorized many photographs that are considered as photographs that are landmarks of human history. Photos such as the Migrant mother and other important photos counting over 100 in number are included in this book.

This book is indeed a ‘time machine’ which will take you back to the eras that these pictures were taken. It is amazing how one single element; color can change an entire photograph which was almost the same as it is in the modern-day.

These photographs have been spoken of with great interest all around the world, so we decided to list some of them down for you. You can visit Amazon to check out the entire book. Please scroll down to check these pictures out and share what you think about them in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: The Paper Time Machine


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