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Comedian Remakes Celebrity Photos On Social Media And They Are So Funny

Do you sit at home and wonder when will your life be very scenic and amazing just like the celebrities’ and influencers’ lives on social media? Well, they are lives aren’t that good either. Filled with busy schedules and meetings and constant traveling, the regular people might live a more satisfying life than some of them. But they make sure to get candid and cinematic pictures for their social media accounts to uphold their persona even out of their professional workspace.

That is what they do, the attraction and the engagement are what their profession is all about. So, they take care of what they upload for the people to see. We, the people who lead regular lives should not worry why our pictures aren’t candid as theirs. Worry not, their personas are not practical and real.

To show you the reality of the content that these celebrities upload, comedian Celeste Barber started out with her own hashtag #Celestechallengeaccepted to remake some photos of some very famous celebrities and show the world how it would look if we, regular people try to remake it.

The collection of pictures were very funny but realistic in a way that every person can relate to. Her pictures got a lot of attention on social media as people gathered around her social media accounts to view, react and share these hilarious but very life-like remakes. Barber has received a lot of positive comments for her project and she enjoys making funny content which is also a knock of reality.

We have collected some of her work for you below. Please scroll down to check them out and you can upvote the most hilarious remake you like. We look forward to receiving your thoughts about this set of pictures in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Celeste Barber | Facebook 


Written by Alex Bradley

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