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Creative Artist Re-Creates Famous Art With Her Dog

The last year have been the year of the lockdowns and the year of quarantined-creativity. Here is another product of that year, from home. Meet Eliza Reinhardt the artist of the project. She has been re-creating world famous paintings of different artists from home, with the assistance of her dog Finn.

They would wake up and research on paintings, searching the internet for their next great piece of art. This duo have been reproducing paintings every single day through out the year. Finn is an Australian Sheppard dog and he has been the attention grabber in Eliza’s work. He is featured in the re-creations as a swap in for a human character in the original painting. Adding Finn into her art was one of the best things Eliza did about this project, since Finn managed to turn in a lot of Cyber traffic into his owner’s art by taking part in it.

Eliza uses a lot of things found in her house to incorporate in her work as costumes and back ground. It is very funny and creative how she managed to place herself, Finn and other objects to build up a perfect reproduction of the original piece of art. Graduating from University of Iowa in 2018 specializing in painting, Eliza has an eye for such creativity  and when you have an artist of a partner like Finn, who takes his job seriously, there is nothing you cannot create.

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Written by Alex Bradley

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