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Creative Miniature Hand-Woven Ropes And Containers From Plants

The art of weaving containers and different things out of certain leaves, roots, and other plant matter is a long practiced art in some cultures all around the world. They are organic, almost cost-free, and also it can turn into a great hobby once you catch the whiff of them.

This article is about an amazing artist who creates miniature containers, ornamental items, and even miniature rope out of different types of plant material. Her name is Suzie Grieve and she practices her hobby at her home in England. This was initially tested out of curiosity and now this self-taught weaver is producing all sorts of items and they are also up for sale online!

Grieve explains that she went into miniature scales and ornamental items since she did not have much space at home to grow the plants that she needed to make these woven items.

Since it is a practice that has been around in Asian and tropical countries, it is a very new and a very attractive exhibition for the people in the UK. In addition to the container and ornamental items, Grieve likes to weave miniature rope using different kinds of fibers from different types of plants. Currently, she uses Blueberry, Ivy, and Dandelion for her production. She still sticks with these materials since she has no access to a bigger amount of other plant material.

Her skills in weaving are really interesting. She uses many patterns, mixes up shades, and tries to make her product interesting as much as possible. Grieve uses social media and her website to promote her items and let the world know of them.

She has been receiving a lot of positive comments and a lot of love from all around the world. So we collected some pictures of her amazing woven items and listed them for you below. You can scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about it in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Suzie Grieve | website


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