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30 Photos Of An Amazing World Of Cute Fantasy Creatures

We all have our own dreamy and fantasy worlds that we live in our heads. Imagination is a very powerful and creative tool that has the capability of creating anything that we wish for. That is the fountain of creativity in each person. All art forms stand on creativity in hand with their specific technical application.

This article is about an amazing artist who crafted an amazing set of art that was designed in her imagination. This artist is Maryana Kopylova who created her fantasy world of mythical space creatures as real-life figures. As this artist explains, these are a race of space creatures who come to this planet to help with different elements of nature. A bit similar to the tales of fairies who are in charge of different things in the magical forests, these creatures are in charge of nature.

Maryana explained on Bored Panda that these cute creatures are called ‘Zyabras’. These adorable creatures were just a sample of the creative mind of this cool artist. Using paint, polymer clay, stones, and glass. They are each unique in design and they all have a very serene ambiance to them.

A lot of people have given her amazing responses about these artwork and they are available on her Etsy store as well. Giving these adorable space creatures some love back, we thought of sharing some of their photos below this article. You can scroll down to check them out and upvote your favorite Zyabra to the top of this list. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments sections and to visit her store using the links below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Maryana Kopylova | Facebook | Instagram


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