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Cute Food Art Creates Adorable Characters Who You Will Fall In Love With Instantly

Culinary art is a totally different kind of art. In that too, there are several types of art. We will be presenting to you an artist who created art which is based on fruits. Although you might see complex art when you come across culinary art, this is a very simple, live and comical type of art that we bring to you.

Meet the artist behind these quirky crafts; Sine who is the creator behind the Food bites Instagram account. She is known for simple, colorful and very cute creations of cartoonish characters. Almost every part of these characters are made out of fruit. She creates very live characters using her colorful creativity and applies her culinary skills of cutting, chopping and other skills to create very adorable characters as her final product. This is nothing new for Sine since she is a mother of three children herself, so she has quite an experience in trying to make the fruits and vegetables interesting for the kids.

All her characters are also based on animal figures as well. It attracts a crowd who loves cute and adorable creations and also children with her use of very vibrant fruits. She is known on Instagram for her talent and she is being followed by many people all around the world who share her posts for the world to see.

So, we decided to bring a set of cute characters for you. Scroll down to meet them. You can give your favorite character an upvote to bring it to the top of the list. Visit Sine’s social media account for more of her creations and information. Share your ideas on this set of food art in the comments sections below.

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