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Dad Captures Funny Photos of His Daughters in Costumes, And They're Just Too Cute (40 New Pics) an artist interview

Five years ago, pictures of a father by the name of Sholom Ber Solomon and his daughter engaging in a variety of absurd activities went viral. The relationship between the father and daughter is still developing today, and they now invite Olivia, their sister who was born in 2019, to take part in their absurd photo shoots. They dress up for their photos, which range from mermaids by the pool to raccoons eating by the dumpster.

With more than 304,000 Instagram followers, this adorable family from San Diego, California, has dominated the platform.

See part 1 of this video to see Zoe on Bored Panda when she was a baby.

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Everyone has enjoyed playing dress-up as a child. When you're four years old, wearing your mom's heels or your dad's glasses is the height of fashion. However, it has been discovered that dressing up with parents is both advantageous and enjoyable for kids.


Sholom was questioned about his interest in such things and how it first began. When my first daughter Zoe was born, she was the ultimate inspiration and a muse, and I instantly just wanted to take fun photos with her so she could have a unique album to look back on later in life, Sholom replied: "I always enjoyed being silly and taking ridiculous photos. However, when she was born, she was a true muse and inspiration. The possibilities for engaging in creative play with the kids are numerous and practically endless; all I need to do is come up with a ridiculous scenario, don a wig, and dress the kids up cute.



Stronger relationships can be developed through playing with children or participating in shared activities, and based on how many dress-up occasions this family has pulled off, we can assume that their bond is quite strong. The kids enjoy taking what we at home refer to as "silly pictures with dad," Sholom said. Since we play together a lot, it really is just an extension of that, and when you have as many costumes and accessories as we do at home, every moment has the potential to be enjoyable.


There must have been at least one dress-up that stood out as being the most enjoyable to make after having had so many and still counting. "I think my favorite shoot was when I was a princess and the kids gave me an outfit," Sholom said. That was the most enjoyable just because the kids liked that one the best... It was a nonstop chuckle fest, from painting my nails to almost poking my eye out with an eyelid pencil.


We were curious about how people reacted to Sholom and his daughters' photo shoots after they became popular. It didn't matter what language you spoke or your age was, he said, "there was such a positive global reaction from kids to grandmas, which has been incredible to see." He continued: "What was most fascinating about people's reaction was that it didn't make a difference."


Then he concluded, saying: "I just sincerely appreciate the positive response the photos and videos have received and hope it brings a little joy to anyone who comes across them."


This is a wonderful illustration and a gentle reminder for all parents to engage with their kids more. Making memories during their childhood is crucial because they grow up so quickly.



Written by Maria Silva

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