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Dad Edits His 3 Daughters Into Fantasy Scenes

Photography is one of the most amazing forms of art in the world. It has been developed over the years and now it has digitalized itself as well. With this development, we can achieve many things easily that no one would imagine a decade ago.

This is a story about the adventures of a dad and his 3 daughters. Meet John Wilhelm who is a second-generation photographer. He grew up watching his father develop the film into photos in his darkroom when John was just a kid. Having children around an art form is something really gifting to them, even in later life.

One day John wanted to try something new since he was getting bored of taking pictures straight from his camera. So, he started to learn to edit using Photoshop to gather skills in photo manipulation. He quickly got the grasp of it and soon became good at it. And to test out his skills he needed subjects and models to stand in. Who else is better than his 3 children?

He worked in the attic while the pictures were taken all over the house and outdoors. He told My Modern Met that it is quite easy to capture kids on camera, but it is hard to get them to pose. John helps them to have proper posing by explaining and making them believe that they are in these fantasy scenes that they are after the edit.

The photos after the edit are just amazing. These 3 children have featured in numerous amount of adventures and visited many wonderlands thanks to their father. These pictures are truly amazing since the technical skills and the cuteness of the children are very impressive. We have collected some of these edited pictures and listed them below.

Scroll down to check them out and rank your favorite edit to the top. Share your ideas about this amazing set of photos in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: John Wilhelm | Facebook | 500px


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