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Brazilian Dentist Fixes People’s Teeth For Free – 30 Photos

Teeth are some of the most important and visible components of our appearance. Other than helping us munch and bite on our food to help us digest them, the teeth contribute to our looks, pronunciation. But a lot of people get their teeth damaged or even lose them due to various reasons.

But this dentist with a big heart made the initiative to create a program that helps people to fix their dental issues for free! He is Felipe Rossi, the founder of the Por1sorriso. The dentist and his team of volunteers travel across the world to provide dental care for people who cannot afford a proper dental plan.

It initially started to treat people around Brazil and Africa when it was first founded in the year 2016. But with the help of a set of volunteers and some donors with beautiful souls, this NGO program still runs on its program, helping people all over the world. This makes a lot of underprivileged people happy, healthy and it puts a beautiful smile on their faces. This makes them physically healthy and mentally relieved & confident.

they have been sharing before and after photos of their project as they travel along the world spreading smiles along their way. So, we decided to collect some of these amazing smiles for you to see. Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about this project, also about these gorgeous smiles as well.

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