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Designer Clothes Inspired by Drinks, Food And Cleaning Products

Inspiration can strike from anywhere and it can happen anytime. This is such a story where a designer was inspired to create new outfits that were based on every day things. This was during the lockdown periods, when every one was bored at home. Felipe Cavieres, a Chilean fashion designer was inspired by cleaning products while he was doing his daily chores at home.

At first it would sound a bit weird to you, but Felipe did pull it off in a successful way. He developed the clothes on things he was very hand in hand with. The reason why he specifically chose cleaning products over other dat to day materials is that he is very passionate about doing his chores at home. So, in this line of designs in clothes he has incorporated clothes that were inspired from food and drinks as well. The colors, the matching up and all the elements perfectly line up to resemble the item that he was inspired from. At first, he did not give any thought about it. He just followed his heart to create clothes from what he is inspired from. But as soon as he posted the photos of the clothes that he made and tried on, people on social media loved it. Felipe received many positive feedbacks from almost every body who has seen his work of art. This is a call for everyone with a taste of art deep in their hearts, make your dreams lead you to great things. Check out the collection of pictures that we have listed down for you. Vote your favourite outfit to the top and please share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below!

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